Your Hood’s A Joke

SAT OCT 28 | Comedy Bar | 10pm | Online Tix

*Content Warning: This is a ROAST show. While we pride ourselves on smart comedy that punches up, there will be no restriction on what can or cannot be joked about. Please exercise discretion if you wish to avoid hearing jokes about sensitive subject matter*

Sat Oct 28: Guyana v Scotland, Croatia v Eritrea, Somalia v Finland, Egypt v Ireland, Ontario v Nova Scotia & Thornhill v Downtown Toronto

Comedians representing their country of origin, city or neighborhood roast each other’s territories in this smash hit battle show based on everyone’s favourite sport: trash talking other places!

“This is smart comedy” – CP24

“I love this show!” – Global TV

As featured on CP24, CP24 again, Global TV, Global TV againThe Globe & Mail Toronto Star


Guyana vs Scotland

Croatia v Eritrea

Finland v Somalia

Egypt v Ireland

Plus Ontario v Nova Scotia & Thornhill v Downtown Toronto!

SAT OCT 28 | Comedy Bar | 10pm | Online Tix


2 thoughts on “Your Hood’s A Joke

  1. Ok so I’m sent a news link about the February 18 show ” your hoods a joke” but when I try to find additional information I’m caught in a loop and it just keeps kicking me back to the New Year’s Eve event (which I went to and thoroughly enjoyed). So how do I buy tickets and where is the event?

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