Canada’s best comedians hone their craft right here in TO. This city has churned out household names like Jim Carrey, Colin Mochrie & Russell Peters, to name a few.

It’s not easy to fill their shoes, so we’re just getting a new pair custom-made for our weird feet.

Featuring comedians from Netflix, Just For Laughs, HBO, Comedy Central & more, we’ve made an annoying habit of exceeding seating capacity wherever we go! Check us out!

They’re talking about us: Global TV, CP24 Breakfast TV, The Globe & Mail Toronto Star,  View The Vibe, Inside TorontoNewstalk 1010

11 thoughts on “ABOOT

  1. Hey peeps,

    I am the program director for Hamilton’s all comedy station Funny 820….send me an email if you’d like some help promoting your Hamilton show on the 14th…..we could giveaway a pair of tickets or ten pairs depending on the venue and what you’d like to do!!

    Mike Nabuurs
    Funny 820

  2. I’d just like to know why it’s so damned difficult to find tickets?….shouldn’t there just be a link on all these sites that is advertising it so u can buy tickets instead of now losing a customer bc you’re wasting my time trying to figure shit out?!….just stupid.

      1. Yaaaaaa…..saw that button up above afterwards. Smh. You could have really torn me a new one…thanks for not doing so. :p Anywho, all the other searches I did for this show…I’d see the flyer, no links to purchase. So just a heads up.

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