Arthur Simeon crushing it
Arthur Simeon crushing it
Danish Anwar drowning in a sea of laughing Ottawanonians (?)




Aisha Alfa is making a point OKAY





DeAnne Smith
DeAnne Smith rocking a packed Ottawa crowd! Can you spot that sweet Ukelele?
Finale @ Comedy Bar in Toronto
An incredibly attractive crowd at the Fall 2013 finale in Toronto!
Calwyn Shurgold
Calwyn doin’ his thang
Ottawa Audience
Ottawa showing us some love!
Amanda Day
Amanda Day pouring her heart out in Guelph
Michelle Shaughnessy
Michelle Shaughnessy isn’t impressed by Toronto, apparently
Rob Pue
Rob Pue making a point in Guelph
Hamilton Theater
Danish Anwar, Producer of Toronto Comedy All Stars, hamming it up at Hamilton Theater
Ottawa preshow
The audience at Ottawa’s National Arts Centre, getting ready for the show

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